What is Amelia

Amelia Investments is a private equity fund creating economic opportunities throughout the the Middle East region.  Founded by Nechemia (Chemi) Peres and Assaf Shariv, Amelia is uniquely positioned to leverage Middle East markets amidst a dynamic political environment.  
Amelia spurs growth and development by providing capital, professional support and mentoring to entrepreneurs and joint ventures that further regional collaboration and economic opportunity.  Located throughout the Middle East, Amelia-supported initiatives are diversified by geography, industry sector and stage.  Our investment focus includes infrastructure, agriculture, communications, financial services, health services etc.  Markets include Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, the Arabian Gulf among others.
Amelia brings together investors from around the world to leverage innovative business enterprises that support regional collaboration.  Our core principles drive our mission: that by creating and supporting economic collaboration in the Middle East, entrepreneurs will transcend borders and build relations in a region undergoing transition.
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