The Opportunity

The broad Middle East region is experiencing rapid economic growth.

The region, including Turkey and Israel, has experienced rapid economic growth topping 5.6% in 2010 and reaching a Gross Regional Product greater than $2.4 trillion in the same year.  Over the coming five years, the region is projected to continue to top 5% growth levels – nearly double that projected in the US.  


The broad Middle East region is one of the fastest growing in the world with a young and diverse population.

With a regional population over 330 million and growing 60% faster than the US, the broad Middle East has an average age more than a decade younger than the US, and nearly 15 years younger than the EU.  An increasingly educated population is primed to take advantage of innovation and local job creation to create better opportunities for millions in the region.

Amelia invests in ventures throughout the broad Middle East that support a more interconnected region.

The broad Middle East, spanning from Turkey to Morocco, is a region undergoing profound political and social change.  As emerging economies are strengthened and tested, regional collaboration can create incentives for more stable governance and greater economic opportunities. 
*figures based on latest annual World Bank data

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